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The Swanage Army Link is a dynamic association that has evolved over nearly 30 years between the Swanage Railway, the British Army, the People of Swanage and the Royal British Legion.

Regular ongoing visits by the Royal Corps of Signals soldiers are core to this Link, as is Team Herston, formed in 2007, bringing together local residents and ex soldiers who work regularly on our core project – the upkeep of Herston Halt.

More recently we have been proud to welcome Heroes Haven into the fold.

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SWCP:Day 7

Day 7 - (13.75 of 97.75 miles) Clovelly

The early to bed meant an early rise at around 05:30, but I wasn't messing about this morning.


The tent and sleeping bag were wet, and I decided to brew a cuppa and then get a good place down the road to address the feet. Without doubt they were better than the evening before but needed attention.
Next to some sort of mechanics workshop (boats or cars I could not decide which), food, wash, boots off etc. I broke some blisters, more talc, and taped up both feet- not together of course! Luckily the brown role of medical tape had not been sent to Swanage 24 hrs before! It did the trick, and whilst the feet were better, every step was now painful.

I limped into Westward Ho! - at the start of the day wondering how the 12 miles to Clovelly would happen, and found solice at the Co-op! More bread rolls, and a bit of chocolate for morale.
The start was along more old railway, trying to pace longer steps anticipating every single painful contact with the earth. This was hard work, but easier than those who were trying to walk again with lost limbs........
My morale was lifted meeting Rob from North Wales who was keen to hear my tales and his two dogs who were such good playmates. Then there was Ann Chandler who works in the Swanage health centre and members of her family Julie and Vi. Their family had links with Peppercombe, in the days before running water and electricity. I met them at the bottom of the hill for a second time and was offered free chocolate cake (thank you).

As I coped with 4.5 miles still to limp, I decided I needed a break at Clovelly. Just before the fantastic decent into the famous fishing village I met Richard Maunder who had walked from Poole; in nearly a week the first person who was covering the full miles like myself!! He was walking with two friends and I suspect they had joined the ex-butcher for a beer or 7.
The signpost down to Clovelly was the most welcome sight and although the Red Lion has been recommended for food and board it was full, so I made good progress up the long steep cobbled street (with no cars alowed-bliss) and booked into the New Inn for TWO nights!!!
I started my washing by hand, showered and went to bed, only forced out by the impending kitchen closure at 20:00. After a good meal, and a single pint an hours chat ensued about Leeds with Tony and Katherine Wood. He was from Roundhay, and we talked about the fantastic Park with long greenhouses that I remembered as a kid; we then put the world to rights and I bade them farewell.


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