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The Swanage Army Link is a dynamic association that has evolved over nearly 30 years between the Swanage Railway, the British Army, the People of Swanage and the Royal British Legion.

Regular ongoing visits by the Royal Corps of Signals soldiers are core to this Link, as is Team Herston, formed in 2007, bringing together local residents and ex soldiers who work regularly on our core project – the upkeep of Herston Halt.

More recently we have been proud to welcome Heroes Haven into the fold.

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Heroes Haven Donations

If you would like to make a donation to the Heroes Haven, please visit their site http://www.heroes-haven.org.uk (opens in a new window) and click on the 'Donate' link in the top right of the page.

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SWCP:Day 4

I left my tiny radio on and so woke early, and so as not to give the sand flies a good start I packed up fast, jumped into a stream for a wash and shave then tabbed myself up to the top of Great Hangman. As I read in my book later in the day, this is the highest point on the whole Path. Breakfast was fine there, a bit of R2 and Aled Hones and a steady descent with lambs all over the place. I arrived in Coombe Martin for 08:30 and about the only person who would actually say hello was a lady in the Deli who explained how sad everyone was in the village. From my school days I knew that this was a longitudinal village at about a mile long; she said that their street party a few years ago was the longest one ever and in the Guinness Book. But they cheated!!
I could not get out fast enough, and my escape was only scuppered because I got stuck with my bag in a kissing gate, not able to move in or out!!! 3 minutes later I worked myself free.
I had decided to go to church every Sunday, so this was the turn of St Nicholas, on the rock in Ilfracombe Harbour. As I walked in I met the kind volunteer lady who explained about the Rotary Club, and the restoration of the chapel.
I took the Baton into church .
On the way out I met Kevin and Alison (from SWANAGE) Oliver, and sons Matt and Lewis who held The Baton (photo from camera to follow); we will see you at HERSTON over SWANAGE Carnival week.... They left and then another 20 minutes chat with Diane from Victoria, Australia. By the time I had lunch, had half in the Help for Heroes pub the Sandpiper, i had spent over 4 hours in the town.
Another long climb up, up, and up. There was some downhill to Lee and back to sea level.
Now I come to remember it, the nice lady volunteer has seen me walking out of Ilfracombe and offered me a lift to Lee in her car. I politely declined and spent the next few climbing hours wondering if I should have accepted that helping lift from God!
The feet were by know the focus, and having got to Bull Point Lighthouse I took the road route into Mortehoe, and then to Woolacombe. All I wanted as I crawled into that place was a stream for fresh water and a flat bit o grass out of wind.
I had not done my homework, and was mega surprisesd when Woolacombe was open and fish and peas was a great surprise, as was the fantastic reception in Capt Jacks. Everyone was so friendly and I don't think I bought a beer. Wayne was yapping as soon as I arrived, and introduced me to Joey and Lorna from the owners family, sol and Luke, whose Dad was in the RAF, then Matt who promised £6.33 when I finished. I'll be back to get that mucker. Finally Barman Adam; will you do more of the SWCP. Thank you Capt Jack for your welcome and generous donations.
Wayne had said get to the Mariners......
My bed was to be the very flat bit of grass on the seafront behind the clipped hedge. Bloody hell there was the security van in the empty car park!! I let him disappear and at 23:20 got my doss bag out, and risked it without a tent! Fairly good sleep, and up fir the Shipping Forecast at 05:20.....


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