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The Swanage Army Link is a dynamic association that has evolved over nearly 30 years between the Swanage Railway, the British Army, the People of Swanage and the Royal British Legion.

Regular ongoing visits by the Royal Corps of Signals soldiers are core to this Link, as is Team Herston, formed in 2007, bringing together local residents and ex soldiers who work regularly on our core project – the upkeep of Herston Halt.

More recently we have been proud to welcome Heroes Haven into the fold.

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SWCP:Day 6

What I did not mention in the previous report is that my first 2 blisters arrived on Day 5 (D5), mainly on the sole of my right foot. I had already decided to do another dump of kit, and as Matt the chef was in the kitchen doing some eats, I was removing the last items from the bergan; last two books, some SWT notes, all but essential spare clothes, blow-up pillow, and the trainers. As they say every little helps, and that was another 3.2 Kg out the bag.
What followed was the tedious drive back to Braunton for start and then to walk the 6-mile route back the way we had just driven! I appreciated the break however and decided to stride out past Chivenor (where RM Commando units are based) and get a good start to the 23.5 mile day to Westward Ho! The majority of the old-railway route was flat, so I made a few phone calls and looked at historical railway stuff en route. I took some photos and then tried to work out how the old Southern Railway line to Braunton got across the River to the old Barnstable Junction station. The answer cane from a member of staff at the current station; a First Great Western station painted in Southern green.
Having had lunch I strode out towards Bideford in steady drizzle. I had an appointment with Lyn's Dad at Northam to pick up a collection box, and despite very low energy levels I pushed on towards Bideford Long Bridge. There was a steady climb up the hill and Roy was there to meet me. The route to Appledore did not seem difficult, and was all down hill, however I became aware of a problem with one of my ankles.
Having watched the 5 lady rowers come into Appledore in a Cornish Gigg, I went to a small shop and asked for talc which happily the member of staff was able to bring out from behind the counter. I fell into the Beavor and ordered some food. With my phone on charge, I then went to get my bergan and took my boots off. Coorrrrr - what a state.
My recent pain was well supported by hundreds of tiny blusters all round the ankles. I was amazed that I had not experienced this before. Leaving talc all over the place I went into the bar as barman Will, and a fantastic ex-shipwright local called Nathy (Nathan), tried to get me accommodation. That failed, but some good local advice sent me to a flat field with lawn type grass on it. As more drizzle fell, it was up with the tent and straight to bed by 21:30. End of day 6.


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